Of Wilco’s 25 years in existence as a band, we’ve worked with them and the fine folks that manage the band for over 12 of those years…as I type that, I realize one, how fun it has all been, and two…How crazy-fast time flies. Wow.

We recently got to create the mark to help the guys (and everyone) celebrate their being together for 25 years. By the end of this project, we had created over 36 unique takes after exploring the letter-forms and how best to combine 25 years as either a numerical form and/or roman numerals and tick marks, with ‘Wilco or just a letter ‘W’, as you’ll see in the gallery below. A bit of a sneak peek into the creative process, we hope you enjoy seeing these unpublished versions.

As of today, the commemorative shirt is available for pre-order. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to see this on a variety of collectables. Here’s the description and link to purchase: “Celebrate 25 years with Wilco’s limited edition silver anniversary t-shirt. Made of 100% Cotton Jersey material, this shirt is incredibly soft and vintage-feeling. Every garment dye item can be a slightly different shade in color since this is a laundry dye process. Enjoy its unique quality! Made in USA.”

Art direction, creative direction: Crystal Myers for Wilcoworld
Design, art direction, creative direction: The Silent P