ASU Design Students Visit the Get a Clue Design Studio!

A little while ago, we had the privilege of having the design students from the Appalachian State University Advertising program in Hickory visit our studio.

A very eclectic and talented group of folks, each with unique goals and areas of interest within the creative professional trades. Many good questions were asked about the business of art/design/print and how we do what the heck it is we do. We hope the answers were helpful…if not, hey, it was a free tour, plus we handed out free buttons and stickers, c’mon! We really enjoyed the visit and wish them all the very best!

Here’s the student group photo(talented instructor Laura Brittain took the photo).

The group’s blog can be found here:

Here’s me, trying to say something witty, smart and helpful…hopefully I got at least one out of three. (Editor’s note: Notice the phone in my hand; yep, self employed, ya get to play secretary too. Also, in the group photo, there’s an essential ingredient in doing freelance sitting on the steps: COFFEE.)