The Communicator Award 2021 Distinction Winner.

Tweedy Asheville Concepts

Silver Award of Distinction Winner

New York, NY – The 27th Annual Communicator Awards announced “Live From Billy’s Place” digital show poster as a Silver Award of Distinction winner. The Communicator Awards are dedicated to recognizing…


Pearl Jam: The “Just Breathe” Art Print Project

I was recently asked to be part of a really beautiful project to help keep live music in mind, and in our hearts. The curator of this Pearl Jam themed…


A Special Trip to the Hickory Museum of Art

We recently traveled to see the Hickory Museum of Art’s “Contemporary Voices” exhibit. As their own website describes… In September 2019, Hickory Museum of Art filled a major hole in…

Sm Kerry, Alice, and Tim Testimonial Ads copy copy

New Ad Campaign for Carolina Caring Is Making a Powerful Impact.

“We’re seeing fantastic results from our branding campaign!”


Making Conceptual Art in Asheville, NC with Joseph Kosuth During a Pandemic (2 of 2).

In part two of this story, I’ll focus a bit more on the work and less on the personal aspect, but suffice to say, this project was very meaningful to…


Making Conceptual Art in Asheville, NC with Joseph Kosuth During a Pandemic (1 of 2).

Like many others out there, COVID-19 has completely changed a lot in our life, some good, some bad. This particular change was good. Back when NYC was the epicenter of…

Literature Selfies

Great Literature Selfies

Selfie culture with a fitting twist.



The coronavirus pandemic is proving to be the most devastating challenge ever to face the live music industry and the creative community as a whole. We are a small creative…

MFSFC- Pw_Cw_CrW 2020_LR-5350

New Work On Display in Germany for Speedball Art

We recently completed a massive overhaul for Speedball Art‘s trade show booth design that was unveiled at this year’s ‘CreativeWorld‘, the world’s biggest and most important trade fair for the…

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