The Valley of the Vapors Music Festival poster process.


We recently finished up working with the fine folks over at The Valley of the Vapors Music Festival for this year’s event poster. We’re really happy with where this one ended up, and we thought we’d share some of the process with you here. So, this blog post will be longer than our normal “Keep it short, stupid!” style.

To quote the VoV’s own website, “Traditionally, six year milestones are celebrated with candy and iron. This being The VOV’s sixth annual festival we presented the idea of “Candy and Iron” to Get A Clue Design who was chosen from a group of 25 designers to create this years limited edition silk screen poster and his brilliant brain gave us robots and lollipops!! Get A Clue follows in the footsteps of past VOV poster designers such as Aescetic Apparatus, Nate Duvall, and Jay Ryan.”


Once we had a final pencil stage, we inked that big, bad, hungry-for-candy robot and started adding texture and colors and other elements.

Here’s some photos of the actual screen printing stages. This beast ended up being laid down as a 4 color process with white replacing yellow…whew. Thanks go to Nick and the fine crew at The Half and Half!


And finally, after much blood, sweat and tears, here’s the finished print! (held by our favorite model…)

You can also see more of our work at the awesome site, here. And feel free to purchase this and many other posters in our shop:


A few more detail shots to finish it off!