Five new poster designs for Wilco!


Man, we’ve been working our butts off, apologies it’s been a while between posts.

We were very happy to once again work with Wilco and their management for five new posters in support of their East coast tour. Each design ties into something about the venue and or the host city, as an example the poster concept for Clearwater, FL uses in part the image of a ringmaster, a not-so-subtle nod to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey College found nearby. Other references are off the wall, but that’s half the fun. Since they say pictures are worth a thousand words, we’ll let them do the talking…we hope you enjoy.

All these are available in the SHOP!

These are all detail shots of the following prints:
• Savannah “Ulna”
• Durham “Suspended Flight”
• North Bethesda “Vertigo”
• Boston “Buttuhfly”
• Clearwater “Monocle Ringmaster”