Made In The USA.


During a time when lots of stuff we buy seems to be coming from a host of other countries, we thought it was a timely reminder that there’s a TON of great items made right here in the ‘ol U S of A.

We think supporting all the local and regional shops and boutiques around you is an important conscientious decision that in the end, does make a difference in many ways, some small, some big.

So here’s one local event that we highly encourage you guys to check out: Indie Craft Parade!

As the site states, “Indie Craft Parade brings the best handmade artists from the Southeast together under one roof. It’s a public market where you’ll find quality crafts, local food, and opportunities to make friendships and connections with the artists themselves.” Our good friends at The Half and Half will have space there, so make sure to check out their great print work and unique poster art.

Until next time,
– Get a Clue Design Studio