Poster for “SYNTH: Group Art Show Inspired by Bob Moog”


We really enjoyed designing our new poster “Analog Forever” for “Synth: A Group Art Show Inspired by Bob Moog.” Moogfest is a three day music festival in Asheville, NC this weekend (Oct. 29 – Oct 31). They are having some amazing musicians and bands coming to this event, check out the band list! Equally amazing is the list of all the artists and designers taking part in this poster show, check out the link above to see the list!

We were invited by Justin Helton (who is curating the show) to be a part of this very cool poster art show. Only 20 prints of our poster will be available at the show (we will be selling our prints on November 1). All proceeds from the 20 posters at the event will go to the Bob Moog Foundation, so support some incredible art and support a great cause.

Nick at The Half and Half once again did a bang up job with the inks. Two colors on French Paper’s BRIGHT Pop-tone Razzle Berry (fun to say doing your best Bill Cosby voice) with a semi-transparent black (you can see the circuit board detail above or in the gallery below). The quote from Robert Moog at the bottom of the poster is: “I was never worried that synthesizers would replace musicians. First of all, you have to be a musician in order to make music with a synthesizer.”

Check out The Beastie Boys in the video below talking about Bob Moog’s innovative inventions and also cutting the ribbon for the “MiniMoogseum” at The Orange Peel: