Wilco Special

Yep, that’s marketing speak….here’s more: WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

SPECIAL OFFER FOR WILCO POSTERS: Four Wilco limited edition posters for the price of…TWO! Some are signed and numbered, others are just signed. Simply click on the image above to go to the SHOP.

Posters: Durham, NC / Savannah, GA / N. Bethesda / Clearwater, FL
All posters are 18″ x 24″ except for N. Bethesda (Birdie) which is landscape (24″ x 18″)

Some details: Durham, NC print os done on a super sweet metallic paper (!) Savannah, GA was printed with texture that overprints, really nice effects on a cream paper. Bethesda (Birdie) was printed with a silver metallic ink, always sharp. And lastly, the Ringmaster for Clearwater has some crazy overprints all over it, like some sort of circus freak show.