Jeff Tweedy Has Landed On The Hudson


It was a fleeting idea. Jeff Tweedy’s management needed a limited edition screen printed poster for his Tarrytown, NY sold out solo show. The city of Tarrytown is on the Hudson River, site of the infamous “Hudson Miracle” jet landing. The sketch was done and sent to the client – we waited to see the reaction…  “You should develop this”. Off we go!

So with a lot more research on the area of Tarrytown, what kind of acoustic guitars Jeff plays, and how best to make the concept of Jeff’s guitar landing in the Hudson with all the passengers getting off safely look fun, we were off to a great start.

Here’s how the process went: Initial sketch.

1 processa

Next was more reference material, etc.

1 process

Then the penciling, sketching and inking started to take shape…

1 process4
1 process2

1 process3

After deciding on the general style and feel (we wanted to keep it “Wintery” since the show date was December) we worked on color separations and then sent the final art files to the printer…

2 process3
2 process
2 process4
2 process5

After several test prints and proofing, here’s the final print:

2 process6

Here’s a gallery showing some detail shots of the final poster print, hope you enjoyed seeing some of the process!