New EP Design Proves There is Fire On The Moon.

WP FireontheMoon

We recently worked with the Minneapolis band Fire On the Moon on their new EP design. The stark black and white photography of Darin Back worked seamlessly with the feel the band was after. We went through a few different treatments before ending up with the image you see above (check out the process photo’s below as well). It’s always interesting to see where an initial design direction may take you. The start of this project had us hand writing the band name in several different large broad strokes with a messy paintbrush on a paper towel. The texture on a paper towel should never be underestimated, trust us.

Great print and production job on this by Copycats Media , those guys are awesome. We really love how this one came out!

For more info on the band, their Facebook page can be found here: Fire On The Moon.