New Year = New Location! …and a New(ish) Name.

520 Bldg shot

Whew! The last several weeks of 2010 were NUTS for us: We packed up the studio at its previous location (four years worth!) and with the help of some great friends (who enjoyed free pizza and beer after!), we moved into our new digs. We will be posting more about the great location soon (and future plans), but since it had been a while since we bliggity-blogged, we wanted to at least give a brief update.

Regarding the name change…Get a Clue Design Studio will always be part of who we are. Between the growing services our studio offers and the overwhelming feeling that it was a good time for this to evolve, we will soon be…(drum roll) Pfahlert Creative Labs. As part of Pfahlert Creative Labs, Get a Clue Design will continue to design and produce gigposters and music industry related merchandise, etc. as it has been doing.

We are really thankful to have worked with such great clients in 2010, we hope even more get added to the list for 2011. Thanks for all your continued support, and keep your eyes peeled for some fun projects coming up soon. In the meantime, we’ll be experimenting, analyzing, evaluating and researching in The Lab to make sure We’re Advanced™ when it comes to creative services.

Enjoy the photos below!

-Matt Pfahlert
Head of Advancing Creative

New address: 520 8th Street NE   Hickory, NC   28601 Suite 203   Ph.828.261.0075