Mike Gordon Blasts Into Space With New Poster Design.


Our new four color process print for Mike Gordon is “One small step for man, one giant leap for fans who love space related poster art.” We think that’s what Neil intended to say.

Do you like space travel? Science fiction? How about musicians that write and create great tunes? We put on our NASA nerd glasses from the 60’s and researched the perfect images for this design direction. Expertly printed by The Half & Half, this process print has a white spot hit to help highlight the text sections. Since our favorite music venue (The Orange Peel) was the tour date site for the launch of this fun concert, we knew there should be an orange “Super Moon” in there somewhere. We went through several design versions before hitting just the right balance with color, texture and humor. Make sure to check out the image gallery below, some more detail photos of the print!

We have it on good authority that Mike Gordon absolutely loved the design. Purchase limited edition signed and numbered prints in the SHOP! Only 15 available!