Trey Anastasio Band Poster Design, 1970’s Skateboarding Is Alive And Well!

We really enjoyed working on our latest poster for the Trey Anastasio Band. The vibe we were after was vintage 1970’s skateboarding from California.

Half the fun was researching (and reliving!) skateboard culture from the late 70’s (a time we hold dear here). Tons of images out there of old skate company stickers and decks that we were really happy to see online.  Based on a couple images of vintage 1970’s skate decks, we then illustrated and designed “Trey Anastasio Band” vintage skateboards (custom stickers and all). Pretty dang fun. Make sure to check out the detail images in the gallery below!

One of the great pages we found online for vintage skateboarding themes was this collection of advertising from the 1970’s and 1980’s. Ebay also has a few collectors that have skate stickers and decks that date from the same era, some really amazing designs are available.

A personal note: Matt’s first deck was a blue Variflex with sweet orange wheels. His big brother had a Variflex then moved on to Kryptonics…what a great trip down memory lane.

You can purchase this SIX COLOR poster at the shop, only 10 signed and numbered available! Click here! HUGE thanks to Nick and the crew at The Half and Half, amazing print as always.