New Album Packaging Design for Farewell Milwaukee.

We were thrilled to be working with Farewell Milwaukee on their latest album release “When It Sinks In.” This is a band you should get to know if you have not already. They are from Minneapolis, MN, (don’t let the name fool you). We hope for big things from these great guys!

While designing and conceptualizing images that evoke the emotions coming from this well crafted and warm toned group of songs, we got to listen to pre mastered tracks of this great album. The band’s website has some really sharp performance videos as well here: Farewell Milwaukee videos. As is the case with most our work, the pen and ink and brushes came out for this one. If you can create something truly original and unique (instead of a font that everyone else has access to getting), a graphic ARTIST should do that as often as possible.  As is true with several of the album designs we’ve produced, we got the privilege of working with great band photography by Darin Back, check his work out here:

Make sure to check out the variety of photographs of this design below in the gallery, artfully shot by Jon Eckard (
Go buy this one now. It’s good for you. PURCHASE HARD WORKING BAND’S WORK OF ART HERE.