Shhh, The Silent P is almost here.

We are excited to share some cool news: First, our new website that has been in development for a while now is CLOSE to being opened for business! Along with that, we will be introducing “The Silent P”…From what we hear about The Silent P, “it will change the way you perceive the world without making a sound”. Whoa, heavy.

We have a slew of design projects we’ve been working on the past month or so that haven’t made it to this blog, since we want the NEW blog (The Silent P) to host all the recent work, such as (click links for more info):

1. Poster design for Jeff tweedy’s solo performance in Hawaii.
2. EP design and print for Guster‘s new “On The Ocean” music. DIE CUT COVER!
3. Merch design for Phish (two tee shirts).
4. Admat design for Phish’s 2 night show in Colorado.
5. Farewell Milwaukee tee shirt design.
6. New Dave Douglas Album design.
7. 24 page annual report for local college.
8. Admat design for Jack’s Mannequin.
9. Oya Music Festival poster show.
10. Planning solo show in Raleigh, NC.


The Silent P. It’s been here all along, we just couldn’t hear it…STAY TUNED FOR MORE.