The Gateway Arch, Water and Wilco.

We recently finished up a poster design for Wilco’s October 4th show in St. Louis, MO.

One of those little birdies to the right of the arch told us that these sold out at the show. Below are some of the process shots, details and even the initial idea as we sketched it out. Sometimes everything falls into place, THIS was one of those times. You can grab one of the limited edition prints in THE SHOP…we have a total of 25 artist prints, numbered and signed out of 200.

HUGE thank you to our bestest pals over at The Half and Half for the expertise on this 6 color beast! TWO metallic inks: One silver, another blue metallic to help create the shadow.

Read more about the famous landmark here and its amazing designer: Gateway Arch.

* EDITOR’S NOTE: It seems fitting to mention: This art was created and produced using a Mac. Listen to a pretty amazing commencement speech by Steve Jobs here.

Over and out…
-The Silent P