The Wilco Album You’ve Never Heard Of.

Before Wilco’s great 2011 album had the name “The Whole Love”, it had a completely different working title…”Get Well Soon Everybody”.

I know this because we were asked to submit some concepts for the album in the early stages of the as-yet announced release. Kept under wraps for obvious reasons since 2011, we think it’s a fine time to show you fine folks some of the unpublished work from this never-before-seen album direction. With the announced new album release “Wilco Schmilco” upcoming  September 9th, it’s a fun reminder that art is a living and breathing thing, destined to change…I’d love to know what, if any, the previous album titles may have been for  ‘Wilco Schmilco’ …maybe it was always ‘Wilco Schmilco’. I just love saying “Wilco-Schmilco”, my apologies.

Here’s a fun insider look…some concepts I still love and it woulda been fun to actually produce a real neon sign with the album title…alas…Hope you enjoy!

-The Silent P

Editor’s note: Thanks goes to: My good friend Jim J., Darin Back Photography, Maria Sardari and Jesse @ Turnquist Photography.