Wilco Has a New Ride, “The Detroit Arrow”

It’s always a pleasure to work with Wilco and management on creative projects. In this particular case we wanted something bike-centric because… well, because bikes are awesome. A study conducted back in 2007 showed that exercise boosts brainpower and that cycling is also great for your heart, helps lose fat, helps prevent cancer, reduces stress, makes you feel better about yourself (oh, and live longer), biking is also a completely green form of transportation that’s free (so long as you have a bike), it gives you a sense of freedom and above all, IS FUN. Another great read is found at BikeMunk.com, who answers the question, “What are the health benefits of cycling?”.

This particular concert was in Detroit, Michigan, home to one of the best hand-made steel bike makers around:  SHINOLA! As their website describes: “Each Shinola bicycle undergoes a precise, custom-level assembly by experts in our Detroit Flagship retail store. Because we believe there’s only one way to properly build a bicycle, and that’s one at a time, by hand, with rigorous attention to detail and using only the highest quality components available.”

In part, this description reminded me of Wilco. As a band, they too seem to craft songs and albums ‘by hand’ as it were, with a rigorous attention to detail as well. Below is a short ‘Making-of’ video of the bike poster art being screen printed that Wilco posted on their Instagram account. There’s also a beautifully shot and produced short video on Shinola’s bike making process.

This poster features an illustration based on their beautiful bike, “The Detroit Arrow”, featured here. Birds love bikes too it seems.

We’d also like to thank Kurt, the master mechanic from our local Carolina Pedal Works bike shop for letting us shoot the poster in its natural bike habitat – please take note how the poster matches Kurt’s epic beard.

– The Silent P