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The coronavirus pandemic is proving to be the most devastating challenge ever to face the live music industry and the creative community as a whole. We are a small creative studio feeling somewhat powerless, but like many of you, we want to help our friends & clients somehow, someway.

“We’re remembering why we love music in the first place,” We know that we’re in it together, so we’ll get through it somehow.” – Hannah Kaminer, organizer of ‘Music for Quarantine, a platform for sending virtual concerts to loved ones.

So for now, a couple simple gestures we’re offering is one, a special 50% off reduced creative rate for any art + design we are hired to do for any independent musicians in Asheville, and well…anywhere. That can include: Album Design, Poster Design, CD Design, Band logo/ID Design, Flyer Design, Web Ad Designs, etc.

The second is, we are offering ALL poster sales be donated to a charity that supports musicians, locally and abroad. This will last at least for a month. We are currently researching those organizations, please send us any you may know of and highly esteem here:

We should treat Art like a utility, not a luxury. What price do you put on being profoundly moved, changed or informed by a song, a poem or a piece of art? Invest in what sustains you.

With gratitude, 

Matthew Pfahlert, Owner & Creative Director,
Pfahlert Creative Labs/