The Great American Sticker

We here at The Silent P HQ are BIG fans of custom vinyl stickers – round, die-cut, holographic, etc. We love ALL of it! Stickers are a bit like graphic T-shirts – you can always have more.

Much like t-shirts, stickers allow us to express ourselves. They are one of the best ways to communicate our likes, interests and beliefs – you can learn a lot from what stickers a person displays.

A small selection of the many custom stickers we’ve designed for ourselves and for clients.

Stickers are also a great way to commemorate a special trip, an outdoor adventure or a special occasion. They also don’t cost too much to both produce and or buy — in fact, all of our poster sales come with at least one free sticker as a small gesture to say ‘THANKS for supporting our small indie studio!’

We have had great success with a few vendors that help us bring our creations to life – one that always seems to nail it for us is Sticker Mule. They have some great specials as well for die cut shapes and holographic special effects – fun stuff! And if you like hot sauce, they also can hook you up there.

So next time you or your company needs a special way to promote or commemorate anything, think about how a custom designed sticker could make it fun – for a brand, a musician, sports team, or anything – let a fun custom sticker do the talking…

Contact us to see how easy we make it to design a custom sticker, we promise you’ll love the results.