Never Underestimate the Joy (and power) of a Cool Sticker

When a company or product is created, there’s many items that are born out of the design and branding for the project. One item that you’ll almost ALWAYS see as part of this body of work is the humble, yet classic vinyl sticker. Ever wonder why? Many times the stickers are typically just given away for free!

Everybody loves free stuff, and what product or brand doesn’t want to see their logo and voice out there? No matter if it’s on a cooler, a bike rack, a helmet, a laptop – all of it is great for the brand. When you decide to throw a sticker on anything, it’s a statement that says “I love this company!” or “I believe the words expressed here” – it’s all positive vibes, and boy, who doesn’t need more positive vibes these days? Nobody, that’s who.

So, go ahead and throw those stickers that you’ve had laying around with the intention of sticking it on SOMEthing – go ahead and stick that sticker on that thing and feel the joy & power that comes from a simple item like the humble sticker.

P.S. For most of our sticker designs we’ve produced, we have had great success with Sticker Mule, these guys always deliver solid goods, and awesome custom stickers​.