A Family History Book Design Project That Reads Like a Thriller


CLIENT: Simon Recordings

Read the entire amazing story with all the twists & turns here on the The Silent P blog.

Michael Simon is President and CEO of Harry Fox Agency, the nation’s leading  provider of rights management solutions for the music industry. He is also a dogged researcher who left no stone unturned to pull together the family histories of his in-laws, Syrian Jews who first emigrated to Beirut, Lebanon, before making their way to the United States. Together with the art direction, the paper stock gives the interior an aged look that suggest the pages are original documents rather than digital images of them. The book also has a couple of special features: One of the leaves has a fold-out page that accommodates a very detailed illustrated family tree, and there are pages in the back that hold four CDs of Simon’s taped interviews of his in-laws so future generations of the family could hear them tell their story in their own words.

We art directed, designed the book, the images in the book, the page layout, the images on the CDs and the family tree.

The first print run of 50 copies was reserved for family and close friends, but Michael is thinking of providing copies to the Museum of Jewish Heritage and other similar institutions.


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