Guster EP Design


CLIENT: Guster // Nettwerk Music Group

When we got hired by the band Guster to create the design for their upcoming special 6 song EP titled “On The Ocean”, the oars started rowing. The guys in the band were directly involved and had some general direction that the art and design needed to be nautical in nature and theme, plus the cover had to have some COOL factor.

After sketching out several concepts and presenting them to the guys and band management, everybody was on deck for the sailboat in the rough seas theme. The wave shaped die cuts worked great as a fun way to reveal the reflective CD inside the sleeve. The CD imprint finishes the theme nicely with archival etching of a huge octopus.

As the gallery to the right shows, we got to pull out the brushes as well as hand do some inked lettering on this one. So many lyrics, so little time…

  • Illustration
  • Packaging