Identity Design for ContentCarolina

CC Corporate

CLIENT: ContentCarolina

Identity system for ContentCarolinas, a provider of content marketing for small and large businesses. The client needed a clean, minimalist, easy to reproduce, easy to scale logo & identity system, one that stands out from a crowded market. We explored a total of three concepts, but kept coming back to this one: One day I realized that taking the open quote mark with certain typefaces – with a little tweaking – sure looked like two C letterforms. How perfect, for a business that creates content, mostly in the form of copywriting.

Orange was chosen in part because it is a color representing social communication, warmth, optimism, enthusiasm and a creative flair. The typeface chosen is the classic Futura, which pairs nicely with a serif typeface.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: “Call it what you want: branding, graphic design, taking the invisible and making it visible. It all comes down to vision and Pfahlert Creative Labs has it in spades. I wanted a logo, and I walked away with so much more. The “P” is the only thing that’s silent because the work speaks for itself.”

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