Advertising and Engrish

BOSS coffee drinks loves Tommy Lee Jones. And it’s abundantly clear from the ad campaign here that Tommy is thrilled to help sell the product. Just to be clear: This is an actual advertising image used on one of the million or so vending machines in Japan. Look how “up and at ’em” he is! Watch out!

The above T shirt design is a sample of the awesome “Engrish” slogan style shirts that are very popular here in Okinawa and mainland. In case you can’t make this image out(you should be able to click on the image and view it MUCH larger), it reads: FIEE REMOTE GOOD IF AT FIRST DON’T SUCCEED, YOU’RE Because the weather is very good today it runs through the mountain path comfortably by car”

Words to live by people.


  1. cnjlopez on June 3, 2008 at 2:37 am

    Love the Engrish T-shirt! Don’t understand it, but I love it!

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