Ichiban (best) beer

For all our beer enthusiasts (you know who you are), here’s a heads up:
Okinawa’s original beer Orion (pronounced O-lee-on), is by far one of the best crisp, clear, mild tasting beers ever. Their simple slogan is: “For Your Happy Time.”
The good news is, you can get it in Hickory, North Carolina!
So, when we return we hope to have a “Japan Experience” with many friends, including beer and other local faves like awamori, Okinawa’s version of moonshine.

Here’s what Orion got to do on vacation:

This was a nice restaurant Miya took us to where you actually cook your own food in the grill smack dab in the middle of your own table. “Yakiniku” style cooking. Orion on draft.

Orion flying on the way to Tokyo.

This was a beer vending machine…on the boat we took to Kume.
Let me repeat: THIS WAS A BEER VENDING MACHINE…ON A BOAT. How can you not love Japan?

Orion got some sun, then went for a refreshing swim.

That’s all the fun for now, it’s off to enjoy our last day in Japan…and some Orion.

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