Mighty Mt. Fuji

We did the bus tour to Mt. Fuji today, started out rainy in Tokyo, but once we got to Mt. Fuji (2 hr drive), the sun came out and gave us some amazing photos of the nearly 12,390 feet tall mammoth. Mt Fuji is by far the highest mountain and volcano in Japan, and lives up to its reputation with breathtaking vistas. I sound like I work for the Japan tourism board.
Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the photos…

We also got to see the Shiraito Falls along the way, really beautiful area.
The falls actually go the distance of the camera pan, lots of smaller ones with one large at the left side of the rock.

Tomorrow we get up REAL early and head to the Tsukiji Fish Market, then get some rest before headin’ back to Okinawa.
Talk soon!

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