Off to Kume Jima

A note to let all know that we are headed to the home island of Nana’s Obaachan tomorrow!
It’s a 3 hour boat ride from Okinawa, we flew last time, so this should be part of the “planes, trains, automobiles and boat” travels.

We will be there through Sunday, with no Internet…not even sure they have a word for it there yet, hehe. So, see you all on Monday!

We’ll leave you with a really sweet moment from today on the island of Ikei, where we drove to enjoy the awesome beaches and snorkling on the East coast of Okinawa in the Pacific Ocean. This moment came as we drove around exploring the island and happened upon this nice guy playing his sax, while looking out into the awesome waters below.

Enjoy and we love you all…


  1. cnjlopez on June 6, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    Sweet! It looks beautiful. Hope you had a safe trip to Okinawa. It’s been 98 degrees, humid and sunny here. We’ve missed you at the Quick Build, but I’m sure you don’t miss the heat.


  2. pfah on June 7, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    you two have a wonderful time in Kuma Jima. i am sure you will. love the sax player clip!

    you aren’t missing much back in NC except for Africa-like temperatures. it’s 98 and high humidity here. feels like 105. that’s why we’re inside cleaning the house and enjoying the air conditioning. it’s miserable outside.

    went golfing yesterday, drank 2 gallons of water and never had to go to the bathroom. not that any of you needed to know that i never went to the bathroom, but ….uh….oh nevermind.

    looking forward to the blog update on Monday Scooter. much love to you two. talk soon.


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