Only in Japan

Only in Japan #1.
Televisions in cars. Yep. Not just a DVD player, but remote controlled tv…”what’s on station “WATCH OUT FOR THAT…” (crash). And yes, you drive on the left side here, hence the steering wheel switch.

Only in Japan #2.
The women making the food at this really delicious bento shop (packaged lunch) were old enough to be grandmothers (Obaachan), and were very happy to be making the goodies for all.

Only in Japan #3
Any candidate running for local governments here campaigns the “Homer Stokes” way. That of course is from O Brother, which fans of the movie will recall how the candidates toured the towns while speaking through a bullhorn and playing music, all while on some sort of transportation. In this case, a big ol yellow & blue bus…WeeHA!

Only in Japan #4.
Last but not least, vending machines that one, have televisions in them (just in case your tv at home is broken I guess), and two, same vending machine gladly accepts payment for drinks through your cell phone, as Miya demonstrates. “Beep bop boop.”



  1. cnjlopez on June 6, 2008 at 7:38 pm

    Curious how that works…payment through your sell phone?!? Does it get billed to your cell phone account and show up on that bill or what?

  2. cnjlopez on June 6, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    Sorry…meant CELL phone, not sell phone. No pun intended.

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