Our road trip to Okuma

Before we get into the shots, etc., just want to say domo arigato for the comments friends, keep em coming! “Comment” requirements were changed so anyone can add them, hopefully that makes it easier.

We did a day trip to the Northern parts of Okinawa, stayed in Okuma overnight, a nice little resort right on the beach…unfortunately we got to enjoy the rainy season here the last day or two. But that didn’t stop us from trying to snorkel some. Crazy Americans.
Here’s some shots to check out!

The above shots were taken at Busena Resort, an amazingly beautiful place near Nago. Not a cheap place, so maybe we save and stay next time! We did get to do the ocean observatory that the resort has as one of the many water themed things to do in the area. You get to walk under the sea and peer through the port holes, pretty amazing reefs.

Here we are checking out the traditional Okinawan village recreated near the aquarium.

Nana & Miya showing off their Okinawan dance skillz!


  1. cnjlopez on June 6, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    Wow- so that looks way easier than salsa. Of course, somehow I do not see it really catching on as THE party dance.

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