New Stars of the Lid Poster design

What a great band name, right? These guys play some pretty unique music, some describe it as “drone-based ambient music”. According to one of the founding members, the band’s name refers to “your own personal cinema, located between your eye and eyelid”, suggesting the colors and patterns one can see with closed eyes.

We had actually designed a previous SOTL poster last year (see it here), so we wanted to try something different. The style of music they play, along with the imagery of a half-closed eye lid shape (where the band name is) may lead one to wonder…”Is that guy sleeping?…dreaming?…falling?…is he falling in his own dream?

What do you think?

What we do know is that Nick @ The Half & Half printed a beaut, grey ink overlays and all! Thanks Nick!

See the poster on here.

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