Say hello to one of 50 buttons.

We recently created a bunch of 1″ buttons that were just delivered to us & we’re stupid happy about it (500 total produced).

These are used as promotional items for Get a Clue Design Studio and also as nice little freebies thrown in the poster tubes when good folks purchase our work (hint, hint). We thought it’d be fun to eventually show all 50 buttons we recently designed and had produced by the good folks at Blue Collar Press. These guys did a great job with the art provided. The acetate and high definition specialty finishes they can apply to buttons is amazing.

It was also a good challenge to create and design something fun within a ONE inch space.
We will sell $5 bags of 3 random ones for those interested. Ad forthcoming, for now feel free to email us to order:

So, without further adieu, here’s #1 out of 50 designs.

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