The Honeydogs: New EP Art & Design(!)

We just finished a really fun project with The Honeydogs, a great band out of Minneapolis. They just released their new EP “Sunshine Committee”, and we were fortunate enough to help create all the design for the limited release. (Band biography here)

The creative process was a fun collaboration with the band’s singer/songwriter, Adam Levy. The various designs we presented were eventually narrowed down, so that the focus of the vibe that this release needed to communicate came through loud and clear.

A nice review and interview with Adam Levy can be found here:
REVIEW of Sunshine Committee
Short review here:

By the way, you can go buy a copy at iTunes or better yet, support the band by getting it straight from them here:

Here’s a sneak peak at the ones that didn’t make the cut for a variety of reasons:

Here’s the real deal, hope you enjoy the audio and the visual…

All band photography, © Darin Back Photography:

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