New Wilco poster design “Mr. Cactus”!

We just finished this poster for Wilco’s performance in Tucson, Arizona. It features Mr. Cactus, a trouble making character who enjoys lighting up a couple sparklers in the hot Arizona sun, he’s crazy like that.

Inspired in part by a news article mentioning how Arizona was very close to passing legislation that would legalize sparklers…too funny to pass that up.

Four color print (spot white in the sun and sparklers) on French White Wash 110# by Luckbunny.

This was a really fun one to work on (although the deadline was a bit prickly), always nice to get out the pencils and pens! Here’s some photos of the process...

See it on the world-renowned


  1. jbanyai97 on July 6, 2019 at 2:26 pm

    I want to thank you for this artwork as I purchased the poster at the show but just recently found this page! I was searching for a small image of the cool cactus guy to use with my audio recording of that evening’s concert so I was pleasantly surprised to find this page with the backstory on the artwork and some really cool draft photos!! Thank you again for your drawing as it is one of my favorite Arizona concert posters that I have collected and always drew a thumbs up from others when I had it hanging in my office.

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