Wilco Astronaut Poster seen in new film

We really enjoyed watching Wilco’s great concert film “Ashes of American Flags”. The last thing we expected to see in it was one of our posters…but, holy crap, there it is! It appears they used it as a backstage sign of sorts.

The original poster was done for a show in Houston, TX. We used the archival black and white NASA astronaut photo (edited of course) so the guys could all get into the space program on this one. D&L Printing in Seattle ran this 7 color space odyssey.

The scene in the film is when Nels and Glenn are speaking on the toll the live shows take on their bodies…makes you appreciate the efforts even more.

You can just make out Nels icing his shoulder far right.
The poster can be viewed on Gigposters.com here. We still have some available for purchase, email us for details. matt@getacluedesign.com

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