Scrabbleriffic Merchandise Graphic Design for Wilco.

The idea for this Wilco tee shirt design came after a recent game of the classic board game played with friends. I lost, but this shirt won client approval. We went through several versions, some of which spelled different things like: “CALL WILCO WHO ROCK”, “ON NIFTY FEW”…you get the idea. Our thanks go out to one particular friend who played Scrabble® for what we assume must’ve been hours to see what variations with the letters ‘W-I-L-C-O’ he could create.

So after simplifying the message, shown is the actual printed tee that is now available at the Wilco store here. Make sure to check out the gallery of detail shots and full tee shirt design (don’t lose that empty square!).

“Where on earth am I gonna play that ‘Z’?!”