New Gigposters Vol. 2 Has Some Familiar Designs.

On page 145 of the beautiful new “Gigposters Vol. 2” book, you’ll find The Silent P! It’s an amazing honor to be published along with some truly inspiring designers & artists. It’s also nice to see our region represented really well, with such talent as: Us & Them (NC), The Half and Half (SC), Status Serigraph (TN), Young Monster (TN), James Flames (NC) and Subject Matter Studio (NC).

As one review states: “, created by Clay Hayes in 2001, is a living document on the modern rock poster movement and the ‘go to’ resource for music poster art featuring over 130,000 examples by 10,000 artists and designers from around the world. Released this month is the long awaited second volume presenting a new collection of work that’s just as good as the first. Sticking to the original format, you have another 101 posters to grace your walls (among the 700 posters in total) with interviews and short biographies on each of the artists. ” – Friday Book Review (Wings Illustration and Design)

Clay Hayes did an incredible job putting all this together, make sure to get your copy NOW! Available from and

Random House‘s page for GP Vol 2.


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