Made in America: Our House Furniture Design

We recently finished a 126 page print catalog for Our House Designs, Inc., a furniture company based in the foothills of North Carolina. During the process of working on the project, which included on location photo shoots, interviews with employees and research, we really appreciated how special this type of company is these days: “Made in America”.

The art of fine furniture making was really impressive to witness: Hand-rubbed leather in an amazing variety of colors and textures, hand sanded wooden frames, 8-way hand tied spring ups, and on and on and on. Some employees having worked in furniture for over 50 years, others coming from generations of furniture builders.

As you look through the gallery below, it’s a nice reminder that there are still things made in the USA by hand and with pride that comes from generations of skill and expertise. We did a tasty cover stock emboss of the logo and the saying, “From the hands of our family to the hearts of yours.” That’s not just ad copy for this company, THAT is the real deal.

A special thank you to Eckard Photography who helped create the perfect images with the exact tone we were after for this project. Deluxe Printing handled the ink on paper like a boss.


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