Saul Bass Tells It Like It Is.

Short and (bitter)sweet this week: We lost an account that we were pitching…

An account that we as a team (we partnered with another firm we love) really wanted and had a great feeling about. The project went elsewhere, and of course we feel like the decision was not in the best interest of the client, but more in the interest of “banging some stuff out and worrying about the bigger branding aspect later”…(verbatim quote).

Now normally we wouldn’t write about that “great” news in a public blog (“Hey we lost!”), but after we saw this great clip of Saul Bass, one the most respected designers/creative thinkers out there (and movie title sequence king: “The Man with the Golden Arm”, “North by Northwest”, “Vertigo”) it was too fitting not to share. Oh, he also created classic logos for AT&T, United, Minolta and Girl Scouts, to name but a few.

Listen to the master Saul bass speak on making money vs. making quality work. Life, well crafted by Saul Bass.

Saul Bass, Photo credit: © John G. Zimmerman

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