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In the last month or two we have been fortunate to be asked to create and design five different albums for musicians we highly respect and admire. We can’t wait to show you all the print and design details once we start to get these samples shipped to us and photograph them to reveal some details we are excited to see (colored vinyl for one).

In the meantime, we want to try something fun…

Here’s a challenge: See if you can identify the artists or people in the door strip postcards of the above photo (That dude ‘working it’ is trying to keep all of our clients happy). Send us a note at info(at)pfahlertcreativelabs.com. If we think you made a valiant effort, you could win a FREE POSTER of our choosing. Yep, FREE, as in…well, free. *** We have to limit this give-a-way, so only the first 8 people that get on the stick will get ’em!

More design nerdery stuff coming soon to The Silent P Blog, we promise.
– The Silent P

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