Before and After with Wilco.

It’s interesting to see the rough thumbnails that eventually become actual printed merchandise.

BEFORE: Here’s our pencil (very) rough thumbnail concept for Wilco‘s recent show poster at Big Sky Brewery in Montana:

AFTER:…and here’s the finished art/design:

Some background on the locale: Obvious ones, like Montana being known for “Big Skies”, we knew the sky would be a highlight for this date (thanks to the expert screen printing, it came out great). The research for this one lead us to discovering that Montana used to be home to a TON of drive-in theaters in the country, kinda sad those are disappearing. Wilco loved the idea, so we got to work finalizing all the elements, which included a photograph we had taken locally that seemed to set the mood we wanted for this design. We researched Montana scenes to find the perfect mountain range to then blend together with our original photograph.

See more detail shots here and thanks for reading! Don’t forget: the IDEA needs to be good before the mouse starts to click-click-click away…

-The Silent P

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