There are times during the course of a creative project where you end up with lots of unpublished and unused designs that sadly never see the light of day.

Quite some time ago we were approached by a client to produce some album art for a recording artist that was on their roster. After getting the artists feedback on what she “saw” as a creative direction (album title “A Common Case of Disappearing”), we dove right into the creative process. We even created a custom typeface drawn by hand and worked it into one cover concept that was playing off of the album reading like a novel book cover.

After about the 9th unsuccessful version was presented, we knew this simply wasn’t working with this particular artist. And that sometimes…actually for us, it RARELY happens, but it does happen now and again. So here’s some of the work that we were super proud of that until this post, had never seen the light of day.

Following our designs and treatments (in the gallery below) will be the actual cover that went to press and got produced. We should add that the recording artist made the executive decision to paint her own cover and handle the whole thing…font choice and all.

Bon Appétit…

Not ours (the produced album cover).

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