What if Draplin Designed it?

For the record: I love all things Draplin. Aaron Draplin is a very talented graphic designer – one of our faves – a great & funny communicator as well (a couple classics can be found here and here – FYI, some NSFW language smattering in each video). Possibly most well known for his ‘Field Notes‘ series of memo books, his work is consistently good and very recognizable. Having grown up in Toledo, Ohio (an hour from his home city of Detroit), I identify with the Midwestern work ethic and his no-nonsense approach to graphic design.

Originally this post intended to have at least 12 samples with the concept of “If Draplin designed… – insert subject here”. But between client projects and other stuff, there simply hasn’t been time, so here’s the first few done for the shear fun of it.

Most cases shown display the “before” version on the left, and the “after” Draplin designed version on the right. In the process of doing this fun little design practice, it’s pretty clear that designing some items with the signature “Draplin-esque” look greatly improves the visual communication of the item(s).

Hope you enjoy and please feel free to share your own “What if Draplin designed…” images on our Facebook page or Twitter accounts.

-The Silent P

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