Push Ourselves – The Skate Deck Experiment (part one).

I started January 2018 over on our Instagram account (the.silent.p) with a little announcement to watch The Silent P space for an art experiment with some blank skate decks we sourced from Sk8ology. This is a part one of we’re not sure how many parts, but we hope you dig where we end up with some of these decks.

The general idea is to encourage creativity and spark some new ideas and just stay alive creatively. And so, we turned to a blank canvas in the from of the skate deck. We grew up skating and have always loved the skate and surf culture, the original art that skaters themselves often create has always been inspiring.

The Story on this first deck artwork, which we titled “Four Score and Seven Hand Plants Ago” is this:

Our dad had illustrated Abraham Lincoln as a gift to his father on his birthday back in 1966, pen and ink on white canvas. Beautifully detailed and really textured.

I wanted to create something as a laser etched skate deck piece, and this was the perfect first run art to try. We worked closely with Custom Laser Creations owned by Alex Nguyen, a very knowledgeable guy, perfect for this project. I went with 7 ply Canadian Maple wood, and boy, it came out great.

Check out the gallery and some video of the process below, we’ll let images tell the story too…and keep an eye out for Part Two coming soon.

-The Silent P

Laser Etching Skate Deck Part 1 from The Silent P (Pfahlert Creative) on Vimeo.

Laser Etching Skate Deck Part 2 from The Silent P (Pfahlert Creative) on Vimeo.

Laser Etching Skate Deck Part 3 from The Silent P (Pfahlert Creative) on Vimeo.