Wilco Podcast Interview


The podcast ‘Shoving Wilco’ recently interviewed us about the poster world and our unique relationship with Wilco, a band that we hold dear and are always inspired by – listen to the episode at the link above!

“If you are a Wilco fan, you likely have a few posters! In this special episode of “Shoving Wilco”, host Todd Rossnagel delves in to the captivating world of poster design inspired by the iconic band Wilco. Join Todd as he sits down with Matthew Pfahlert, a renowned artist and author of “The Silent P is for Poster”, to explore two decades of artistic dedication to Wilco’s visual identity.

Matthew Pfahlert’s journey into the world of poster design began with a deep admiration for Wilco’s music and their unique ability to evoke emotion through their songs. He vividly describes how Wilco’s music served as a backdrop to his creative process, influencing his artistry and shaping his unique visual style.”