Charleston City Paper features Poster Art show

Charleston’s City Paper has written a nice feature in the Visual Arts section on poster art. In particular, the “GIG!” exhibition at 52.5 records running through October.

Read the article here.
The writer was apparently moved by the poster we created for Wilco, the folk’s favorite: Tumbleweed Stache!

Here’s a nice quote: “A realistic portrait of a 19th century older gentleman in formal dress looks, without emotion, toward the viewer. The somber earth tones of his skin and clothing are offset by his effusive white beard, which splits at his chin and extends absurdly up either side of his head with a mind of its own, finally meeting above his bald pate to braid itself into the band’s name: Wilco”

There’s also a nice shout out for Chuck Keppler putting it all together and our pals over at the Half and Half in Columbia, SC.

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