Ohio Bigfoot Poster LIGHT 18x24 2012

Bigfoot news: Sasquatch Seen On Local Trails

We love us some design, some outdoors, some music & mountain biking. Not necessarily in that order. It’s part of why we started our outdoor creative brand CRANK goods –…

Screenshot 2017-08-24 11.12.00

The Shins Go Old School

Here at The Silent P we are big fans of still doing things by hand when we are able, which with client deadlines and expectations is quite a challenge to…


“Sky Has Spoken” Artcrank Poster Now Available.

We are thrilled to be a small part of the great collection of bike-centric screen printed posters over at Artcrank! As Artcrank’s site explains: “ARTCRANK® is a poster show about…


Dollar Shave Club’s “Bathroom Minutes” spotlight

As an original member of Dollar Shave Club, it was a tear-inducing moment to be featured in the Member Spotlight section of the monthly “Bathroom Minutes” mini magazine they publish….

Solid Sound 2011

Solid Sound Festival Branding, Behind the Scenes.

When Wilco was first starting the now-well loved and respected Solid Sound Festival back in 2009/2010, we were asked to do some initial concepts for how this unique festival could…


Wilco Has a New Ride, “The Detroit Arrow”

It’s always a pleasure to work with Wilco and management on creative projects. In this particular case we wanted something bike-centric because… well, because bikes are awesome. A study conducted…


Winner – Print Magazine’s Regional Design Annual: East Coast

Print Magazine announced winners in the 2016 Regional Design Awards Winners from the East. Wilco’s book has been selected as a winner of the 2016 Print Magazine Regional Design Annual.”Beyond…

Wilco Album concept5

The Wilco Album You’ve Never Heard Of.

Before Wilco’s great 2011 album had the name “The Whole Love”, it had a completely different working title…”Get Well Soon Everybody”. I know this because we were asked to submit…


A Family History Book That Reads Like a Thriller

Excerpted from lifeinhighres.com Michael Simon is President and CEO of Harry Fox Agency, the nation’s leading  provider of rights management solutions for the music industry. He is also a dogged…


Pfield Trip to the studio Day!

Pfahlert Creative had a visitor to the studio­ – our young friend Bella came by for a summer “field trip”. A budding artist herself, she got to experience first hand…

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